THE latest BBC series with David Attenborough, Wild Isles, includes scenes shot at Brookwood Cemetery.

The local venue, a Grade I listed Historic park and Garden, is the largest cemetery in the UK with 220 acres. It features in the BBC trailer for the series, which begins this Sunday, and in the 19 March episode.

Sir David presents the five-part series which looks at the challenges affecting nature within the British Isles and aims to alert audiences to the species vanishing on their doorstep.

The 96-year-old naturalist, renowned for his programmes looking at national history around the world, says there's never been a more important time to invest in the nature in our own backyard.

Nearly half of British wildlife species have declined since 1970.

Camera crews visited over 145 locations during the course of three years to bring to life the glories of nature in our own backyard.

Wild Isles is broadcast on BBC One on Sunday evening.