A FAMILY of four from St Johns have reached the semi-finals of the BBC’s new prime-time programme The Family Brain Games.

The Griffiths family of mum and dad Anne and David, and sons Will, 16, and Ollie, 13, will meet their next opponents in a specially designed games lab.

The show, presented by Dara O’Briain, will be shown next week. 

Anne is a social science graduate from Lancaster University, and David studied maths at Bath University.

Both work locally. Anne is a prison education tutor and David is the manager of a council education department. Elder son Will is in his first year of sixth-form college, while Ollie is in Year 9.

In each episode two families tackle a series of games designed to go beyond traditional ideas about how to measure brain power, such as individual IQ, and also explore group intelligence.

“We enjoy watching TV quizzes and our eldest son Will was keen to apply. It seemed like a fun opportunity to do something interesting together.”

“It was challenging,” Anne said. “We preferred the games where we worked together so we could help each other out. 

The Family Brain Games is shown on BBC2 at 8pm, Monday to Thursday.

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