A MUSIC video in praise of Queen Elizabeth II produced by a tutoring service based in New Haw has been played at a reception in the Houses of Parliament.

Our Sovereign Queen, which includes five songs in five languages and was filmed at locations around the world, was put together by Tutors Valley Music academy.

Nordi Jacob, the CEO and founder of Tutors Valley, presented the video to a reception hosted by veteran Labour MP Sir Stephen Timms.

The video opens with a song in English by Mr Jacob’s daughter Natanya and includes scenes from the late Queen’s life.

This is followed by songs in Hindi, Mayalalam and Tamil performed by Tutor Valley students in India, Australia and New Zealand.

“Our aim is to reach as many people as possible across the globe and recognise Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth for her extraordinary reign,” said Hayley Bicknell-Smith, who runs the educational side of Tutors Valley.

Sir Stephen, the MP for East Ham who was first elected to Parliament in 1994, said: “It is a lively video, with clips filmed both in India and the UK, comprising an imaginative and striking tribute to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.”

Mr Jacob, who worked in IT for the BBC, set up Tutors Valley in 2015, providing in-person and online tutoring in school and university subjects.

It has tutors across Britain and around the world with 327 courses in 120 subjects being taught to more than 14,000 people.

In 2018, Mr Jacob started the music academy, teaching mostly Indian classical music. “I started it because I’m a singer and I love music,” he said.

Mr Jacob, who has lived in Woking for 23 years, said Our Sovereign Queen was viewed a million times in the first week of its release on YouTube.

“It came about because we wanted to recognise Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s extraordinary achievements and pay tribute to this great monarch,” he said.

“She was a role model for dedication, an extraordinary personality who performed all her royal duties till the last.

“Elizabeth II was one of a kind and deserves a tribute for all the extraordinary contributions she has made to this country and beyond.”

To view the video, visit www.youtube.com and search for Our Sovereign Queen.