THE CREATIVITY of an autistic toddler inspired his parents to start a business selling baby-styled jumpers for adults.

Musa Akbar, who lives with his mum and dad in Maybury, was three years old when he was diagnosed with autism and had speech therapy using cartoon pictures.

After his therapy sessions, Musa used the pictures to decorate jumpers worn by his father, Umair.

“That gave me the idea and I launched a company,” said. “Have you ever walked past the baby aisle while shopping and thought to yourself ‘if only they had that jumper in my size’? At BiG BaBy, we have created adult baby-themed jumpers.

"When I got the idea, I Googled 'baby clothes for adults'. I didn't find what I was looking for and found some very strange things."

Umair is an accountant, and so found setting up a company relatively easy. He had to spend a little longer finding the right designers and supplier and set up the online site earlier this year.

The website,, has men’s and women’s jerseys decorated with cars, rockets, prams, boats, balloons and trains. “When Musa saw the first batch of jumpers, he was ecstatic,” said Umair.

When Umair is at work in Farnborough, mum Tayba handles the orders from their home.

Umair said that Musa, now aged five, is in Year One at a mainstream school and is doing well. “He is very good with numbers and also loves cars, which is why some of the jumpers have cars on them.

“I’m hoping to approach playgroups to set up a stall and am also looking at toddler jumpers to match the adult ones,” Umair added.