A BYFLEET author has published a book that is aimed at helping people to live a more eco-friendly life.

Best Of One World: 60 Steps To A Sustainable, Meaningful And Joyful Life is Hansa Pankhania’s tenth book. Her other books have mostly sprung from her work as a wellbeing coach. She has also written a memoir, Best Of Three Worlds, about being born in Kenya as a British subject of Indian origin and the fusion of three histories and cultures.

Hansa said her latest book was inspired by the suffering caused by the climate crisis. 

‘‘I am not an environmentalist nor a climate-change activist,’’ she said.

‘‘I am just a regular mother and grandmother who is very concerned about the future of her children, grandchildren and forthcoming generations. I also love nature and believe we are all connected. Therefore, a threat to other living species feels like a personal assault on me and my family.

‘‘I have written and shared my journey to stop these assaults. I feel I am taking control over what I can within this tiny corner of this vast wide world. 

‘‘I have no control over the destruction of the Amazon rainforest or the destruction of marine life through industrial fishing. 

“However, what I do have control of is what I do or do not do in my daily life.’’ 

Best of One World is in four parts: Nature, Waste, Plastic and Connection.

‘‘It is about helping people to live a more eco-friendly life and leave a thriving planet for our future generations,’’ said Hansa.

‘‘Living sustainably is not just good for the planet, it’s good for our wellbeing and finances too.’’ 

Hansa said the book has an abundance of small, easy tips that readers can use.

‘‘If you are not sure about how you can make a difference to the climate-change issues, then this book will provide all the answers. 

“If you have already made a start, then it will help you to build on this.’’

The book is available from Amazon, hansapankhania.com and aumconsultancy.co.uk