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TWO wildlife panels came out winners at Woking Photographic Society’s annual exhibition at Parkview in Sheerwater on Saturday.

Diana Uzun’s exquisite and colourful Bug Life panel took first price in the advanced class, selected by acclaimed coastal photographer and judge Rachael Talibart.

Rachael, a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society (LRPS), chose Keith Greig as winner in the non-advanced class with his varied and humourful display titled Birds of the Farne Islands

This included the greediest puffin ever displayed at a Woking Photographic Society event.

Diana Uzun wins the Best Print Panel Trophy (Advanced) Judge Rachael Talibart (R)

Concluding the wildlife awards, Stephen Eberhardt won first prize in non-advanced projected images for Bengal Tiger at Ranthambore.

As always, the annual exhibition showcased the wide range of themes, styles and artistic expressions found in the society, pulling the viewer from colourful mosques in Samarkand to Myanmar fishermen, and Black and White Slate-scapes in Wales.

Of particular notice were Dace Umblija’s exquisite still life photographs that won her first price in the Advanced Individual Prints category for Bleeding Hearts, as well as the best panel in projected images.

New member Mike Sowerby also made his mark, winning best individual print in the non-advanced class with Symmetry, and Suhail Ahmad took away a bunch of certificates, gaining the judge’s praise for his strong compositions.

A very different panel, but of particular local relevance was Richard Sweet’s Closing Time. A trip down memory lane, it comprises one big frame, presented as a mosaic of shut-down Woking shops

Closing Time will, like other panels and prints from the annual exhibition, be on view at Wolsey Walk shopping centre on Saturday, where society members will be happy to answer questions.

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