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MANY of us become obsessed with pop stars or rock bands as young teenagers, but Jacob Field took his fandom to the extreme.

The singer with Surrey band The One Hundred admits he changed his name to Jacoby to match that of Jacoby Shaddix, the frontman with American metal band Papa Roach.

THE 100 CLUB – The One Hundred are growing in stature and will play Reading Festival
THE 100 CLUB – The One Hundred are growing in stature and will play Reading Festival

He then had
a tattoo featuring the logo from the band’s Infest album.

So far, so ordinary – except Jacob’s band ended up touring with his heroes and he was forced to admit his obsession to Papa Roach themselves.

“It was the most weird experience ever,” he says. “I was eight years old when I bought Infest, and then I got everyone at school to call me Jacoby so it was similar to Jacoby Shaddix. They were my favourite band without a doubt… and then 15 years later we went on tour with them! We played some huge venues with those guys.

“I was so worried in case they were horrible people, but the whole band were the nicest guys ever. They didn’t even need to take any notice of us. They’ve seen it, done it, and they’re the icons of that genre. But we got on really well with them.

“When I showed them my Infest tattoo, they thought it was mad. It turns out that, although they’re covered in tattoos, none of them has one of Papa Roach!”

Jacob, from New Haw, and the rest of the band – drummer Joe Balchin and bass player Phil Kneller from the Woking/Guildford area, and guitarist Tom Hider from London – are now starting to make a name for themselves.

The One Hundred will release their debut album this autumn – but first they will play the Reading and Leeds Festivals this month, possibly their biggest shows to date.

“The Reading Festival is so prestigious, everybody dreams of playing it,” says Jacob. “As soon as we got confirmed, it was a dream come true – it’s just great. We did Download earlier this year and that was ridiculous, so good. It’s just brilliant to even be considered for these things, it’s a huge deal for us.”

The One Hundred play a mix of metal and hip hop and Jacob’s vocals are rap-based. He says: “There’s no reason people at Reading and Leeds won’t get into us even though we’re a bit hip-hop and dance compared with the usual acts there.

“I grew up listening to R&B and hip-hop and brought in the whole rap style to the band, but the whole band has listened to metal for ages – people like Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit and Slipknot. We took a lot of inspiration from that. It was easy for us to embrace that, but we wanted to do something different. We’re creating new nu metal.”

As for the future, the singer says nothing could beat playing with Papa Roach…except maybe touring with Linkin Park.

“My dream now would be to play with Linkin Park because they managed the crossover sound really well,” he says. “They’ve played heavy metal and rock but also gone into the poppier side. “They’re doing what we want to do – mixing things up. They’re commercial but do it well.”

But most of all Jacob would like The One Hundred to be the headliners, adding: “Everyone in the band wants to get big enough to play Wembley. We keep our feet on the ground, at the moment we’re just glad that people like what we do, but it’s a dream to get that big, and we’re just getting a little taste of it now.”

THE One Hundred play at the Pit stage at the Reading Festival on Saturday, August 29 and then at ButserFest at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park near Petersfield on Saturday, September 12 with Don Broco, Funeral For A Friend, Hacktivist, The Qemists and The Xcerts.

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