Woking recycling has rivals green with envy

THE number 13 may be unlucky for some, but not for caring Woking residents who find themselves near the top of a nationwide recycling table.

Carbon-conscious homeowners in the borough have been congratulated on a green charge that spans more than a decade, after finishing 13th out of 357 authorities in this year’s standings. Last year they were 21st.

Each year over the last 10 years, Woking residents have recycled more household waste than in the previous year, tripling the total amount recycled to 59 per cent.

This decade of improvement is thanks to residents’ support for, and participation in, recycling schemes. Yet the council is not resting on its achievements and have targeted a push towards the top 10, with residents urged to look out for a series of recycling initiatives during 2014.

Studies show that more than half of the waste placed in black bins during 2012-13 could have been recycled, including 4,000 tonnes of food waste and 3,000 tonnes of mixed recyclables.

Woking Borough Council’s portfolio holder for waste and recycling, Councillor Beryl Hunwicks, said: “Well done to everyone. These results highlight residents’ continuing commitment to recycle, re-use or compost their waste. Despite this tremendous achievement, it is not a time for residents to rest on their laurels.

“We know that over half of what is being put into black bins could be recycled using the current kerbside collection services. Last year more than 4,000 tonnes of food waste made its way into the black bin, when it should have gone in the weekly food-waste collection.

“As the borough has a wide range of recycling services and facilities, most materials can now be recycled at the kerbside. We will continue to strive to be one of the more forward-thinking boroughs, committed to giving householders the best services. With this in mind, I urge all residents to take a hard look at what we are putting in the black bin.”

Next year the council plan to run a ‘Mater-ials Month’ campaign to raise awareness of the types of materials residents can recycle, and a new textile-recycling scheme is to launch in January, adding to the vast range of materials residents can recycle at home. Details will be sent out early next year.

For more information about what you can and can’t recycle, see www.woking.gov.uk/recycling or call 01483 755855.

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