Woking MP Jonathan Lord staggered by size of postal scam

WOKING MP Jonathan Lord has been contacted by a number of victims of a massive fraud involving hundreds of thousands of pounds.

In last week’s News & Mail we revealed how a Royal Mail probe was investigating the possibility that some of its own workers were intercepting credit cards and other valuable post destined for Oriental and Pembroke Road.

So far more than 70 victims are known to have been hit by the scam in the GU22 7 postcode area of Woking.

Mr Lord said: “This is an absolutely awful crime on a very large scale and people deserve to be made aware of it.

“There are very large sums of money involved and a lot of families are upset and aggrieved by being targeted.”

DISMAYED – Woking MP Jonathan Lord has contacted victims of a large-scale credit card and postal fraud

Mr Lord has written to Surrey Police Chief Constable Lynne Owens and to the head of public affairs at

the Royal Mail. One fraud victim, who did not want to be named, told Mr Lord: “The criminals are extremely well organised – they intercept cards and pin codes. This is organised crime.

“If the Home Office can facilitate better co-ordination between the agencies involved in solving such crimes, then I would ask that you encourage that and any other initiatives to combat crime.”

Mr Lord replied: “The Home Office are very well aware of these issues but I will be bringing this matter up with colleagues as I see them.

“I am so very sorry that you and other constituents have been victims of these dreadful thefts. I will get back to you when I have a response from the police and Royal Mail.”

Mr Lord received an acknowledgement from the Royal Mail saying they “will send a full reply when enquiries have been completed”.

A 75-year-old Pembroke Road resident – who does not want to be named – had £12,000 stolen from her Lloyds Bank
account in April.

She said: “I reported it to the Royal Mail office and the police. The police said they needed copies of bank transactions and I spent half a day getting them but nothing’s happened and the thefts are still going on.

“Then I was asked if I got my money back, which I did, and the police told me nicely “I’m not a victim”. But then they sent a victim support officer round to see me.

“Some neighbours are moving away from the area and I think it might be because of all this.

“When is it going to stop? It frightens me that this is going on.”

Surrey Police’s Det Con Nicholas Swindells has arranged a meeting for victims at St Dunstan’s Church in Shaftesbury Road, on Thursday, November 22 (7pm) to update them and answer questions. Mr Lord, who will be in Parliament, intends to be represented.



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