Village brought to standstill by crater

BROOKWOOD has been brought to a standstill by a collapsed sewer in the middle of Connaught Road.

Residents and businesses have been suffering from a cavernous hole created by the faulty system since last Thursday.

ROAD RUINER – repairs are underway in Brookwood’s Connaught Road

ROAD RUINER – repairs are underway in Brookwood’s Connaught Road

Concerned Brookwood Councillor Kevin Davis says contractors first mistook the chasm for a pothole before Thames Water, the owners of the sewer, finally stepped in.

He said: “I first saw the hole on Connaught Road on Thursday morning and then went away for a few days.

“Surrey County Council contractors must have thought it was a small hole and put some tarmac in it – but the damage was far deeper.

“When I came back a couple of days later, it was a gaping hole. I think it was 6ft to 8ft deep. It turned out it was a sewer pipe, so the responsibility is with Thames Water and they closed off the road.”

And with damaged roads already creating a minefield for drivers, Cllr Davis has vented his fury over delays to rectifying the situation.

“I was extremely unhappy that no work was going on at the weekend,” he explained.

Poor distribution of information is also being blamed for the slow progress in a repair job that could yet last until April 18.

“There are terrible signage problems,” Cllr Davis told the News & Mail.

“You don’t know the road is blocked until you get to the cordoned off area and you can’t get to the station from Brookwood crossroads.

“The diversions are not the most straightforward either – they take you to Bisley or Queens Road rather than via Pirbright. Shops in the road will see a big drop in trade because of this.”

Cllr Davis explained that he has been speaking with Surrey County Council in the hope of offering a completion date.

“According to sources, the road won’t be open again until April 17, but I can’t get confirmation.”

A statement from Thames Water read: “We apologise for any disruption, but this is a must-do job to protect customers in the area from suffering the misery of sewer flooding.

“We are working hard to get the road, which has to be closed for safety reasons, reopened as quickly as possible.”

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