Tiny’s big entrance

YOU will not believe what Woking shoppers ‘saur’ in the Peacocks centre last weekend.

Drinks rippled with the seismic shocks created by Tiny, a leaf-eating stegosaurus (one of the most recognisable dinosaurs because of its highly distinctive tail spikes and plates) that grazed alongside visitors to the Peacocks food court.

LIZARD LICKS - kids feed Tiny

LIZARD LICKS – kids feed Tiny

Having the chance to meet a huge character from the Jurassic period was something of a monster treat for children, who petted and fed Tiny, and even talked to her in dinosaur language.

Tiny brought along a paleontologist who presented a lively and informative natural history show in which the dazzled audience were encouraged to share their own knowledge of prehistory while learning all they could about these fascinating beasts.

It all made for great excitement, particularly among the younger members of the teeming crowd, and shoppers even stopped to look in on the action from the centre’s upper levels. Clearly, man’s fascination with these beasts of a bygone age really stands the test of time.

Woking Shopping’s Rowen de Grauw said: “It was great to see so many families enjoying Tiny and her educational show. There were so many enthusiasts with dinosaur T-shirts and toys and a lot of dinosaur knowledge – I think they even taught the handler a thing or two.”

The stegosaurus, which could grow up to nine metres in length, had distinctive plates on its back that have been the subject of much debate – it’s believed they were for temperature regulation as well as defence against In case you were wondering, the highly realistic Tiny was brought to life by live sound, facial animatronics and extreme puppetry, and control by someone who kept out of sight.

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