The ride of a lifetime

GUESTS held on to their hats for the trip of a lifetime when a brand new multi-sensory attraction was launched at Brooklands Museum.

The state-of-the-art 4D theatre provides the closest experience any living person will have of ‘driving’ at 100mph around the original Brooklands Race Track, just as the famous racers John Cobb and Sir Malcolm Campbell did back in the 1930s.

COOL DUDES - braced for the 4D Napier-Railton experience

COOL DUDES – braced for the 4D Napier-Railton experience

Broadcaster and Brooklands Trustee Tiff Needell gave the opening speech, while Paul Spence, Managing Director of Metropolis Entertains who created the Napier-Railton Experience, explained the process involved before the guests braced themselves as they took their seats for the exhilarating virtual trip.

The theatre is in the museum’s Balloon Hangar building, where visitors can now sit back and safely enjoy the stimulating ride in a 24-Litre Napier-Railton.

Viewers can see, hear, feel and even smell what it would have been like to race around the concrete-banked circuit in a pre-war racing car all those years ago.

The action sequences were filmed at Montlhéry, just outside Paris, the closest in structure to the original track at Brooklands, where the Napier-Railton once competed.

EXTRA SPECIAL GUESTS – Helen Salisbury, Trevor Marchant and Rebecca Wire who were ‘Experience’ fi lm extras attended while dressed in all their best and brightest Thirties’ finery

EXTRA SPECIAL GUESTS – Helen Salisbury, Trevor Marchant and Rebecca Wire were ‘Experience’ film extras and attended dressed in their Thirties’ finery


Along with the team at Metropolis Entertainments, Brooklands have created the pits and crowds in period dress of the time.

Adding to the drama are two of the great Outer Circuit cars – the Pacey-Hassan Special and the Corrado Sielecki’s Delage DH V12 Land Speed Record breaker.

The dramatic journey back is an emotional tribute to the cars, mechanics and drivers of those halcyon days of British motorsport.

THE 4D Theatre Napier-Railton Race Experience at Brooklands Museum is open daily. Tickets can be bought for a supplementary charge of £5 for adults and £3 for children.

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