The countdown to Earth Hour is on

THE countdown to one of WWF’s most inspirational and iconic annual events has begun.

And as part of preparations for this thought-provoking switch-off Woking pupils have been taking part in WWF-UK’s Earth Hour themed workshops at the Living Planet Centre.

SMILES BETTER – visitors had a superb time at the Earth Hour workshops

SMILES BETTER – visitors had a superb time at the Earth Hour workshops

Sessions are designed to encourage children to become actively involved in the environment and to get them thinking about energy conservation and our effect on the world. The experience revolves around the brilliance of our planet, with pupils participating in creative activities.

“WWF wants pupils to celebrate the beauty and wonders of our planet by showing off their star qualities, highlighting the things they love about the environment, and making a wish for the future,” a spokesman said.

On February 7, Goldsworth Primary School took part in the first workshop, which saw them writing environmental wishes on stars (below), creating animal star constellations, and putting on a talent show.

This was a huge success, enlightening the children on how they can do their bit for the environment.

Local families and visitors to the Living Planet Centre also took up the chance to take part in Earth Hour drop-ins, with two family sessions being held during half-term week. On February 18, 71 children participated in the workshops, whilst another 109 took part two days later.

Overall 1,355 people visited the WWF Experience in Brewery Road during the school break.

Building on the success of the high attendances further sessions for schools have been scheduled, with the next one planned for March 6.









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