The Coalition are working, and so are local people

THE economic good news is that there were only 566 unemployed benefits claimants in the constituency of Woking in August.

That represents one per cent of the economically active population of 16 to 64 years of age, and makes Woking the 601st highest-ranked of the total 650 UK constituencies, where the first-ranked has the most unemploymentand the 650th has the least.

The number of claimants in that month was 379 less than it was in August 2013, and 30 less than in the preceding month of July.

HAPPY COALITION – Tory MP Jonathan Lord (left) and Chris Took, spokesman for the Lib Dems, say Coalition recovery plan is working

HAPPY COALITION – Tory MP Jonathan Lord (left) and Chris Took, spokesman for the Lib Dems, say Coalition recovery plan is working

Conservative MP for Woking, Jonathan Lord, said: “It is excellent news that 712 fewer people are relying on benefits to get by in Woking, than were doing so in August 2010.

“This makes a huge difference to people’s lives, and it means there are now many more Woking residents who can look forward to a brighter, more secure future for themselves and their families.

“This has happened because, as a part of the Conservatives’ long-term economic plan, Government has been reforming welfare such that it rewards a will to work. They have also been backing business promotion with the likes of apprenticeships and building developments to thoroughly catalyse the creation of jobs.

“As the figures show, the plan is working and is moving us ever closer to our target, which is one of full employment. We won’t be resting on our laurels but will continue to work through the plan so that more families in Woking can achieve the security and the sort of standard of living that a reliable and regular pay packet brings.”

Woking’s Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesman, Chris Took, has described the borough’s new, positive labour-market figures as being ‘no accident’ and says the Lib Dems of the Coalition are helping to deliver a ‘progressive and fair recovery’.

The official figures show that the number of people claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance in Woking fell consistently in the three months up to the end of July. Total UK unemployment fell by 146,000 to 2.02 million, the unemployment rate dropping to 6.2 per cent – the lowest since the last full quarter of 2008.

Mr Took said: “We Lib Dems have taken steps to ensure that our labour market is fair, flexible, and delivers opportunities for everyone while preventing the exploitation of the most vulnerable people in society. The impressive growth in employment we are now witnessing is one of the present Government’s greatest achievements.”

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