Teens look the bomb at end of year proms

TEENAGERS from schools across Woking were glammed up to the max as they bid an emotional farewell to school life with their end of year proms.

DRESSED TO KILL - leavers pulled out all the stops

DRESSED TO KILL – leavers pulled out all the stops

A host of unusual vehicles pulled up to parties across the borough, ferrying pupils from Gordon’s School, Woking High Bishop David Brown, St John the Baptist, Fullbrook and The Winston Churchill School to a night they’ll never forget.

Vintage cars, pink and red double-decker London buses, motorbikes, limousines, a gleaming yellow Lamborghini and even shop mobility scooters rolled up to red carpets as parents and family eagerly hovered with cameras and video recorders.

Girls arrived in jewel-encrusted gowns fit for princesses from far off lands, while the lads looked equally dapper in their suits and ties.

Facebook famous Ben Reeves, who is renowned for his tough digestion qualities and was featured in last week’s News & Mail, was the pick of the bunch from the Woking High boys in his all-white clobber.

Crowds of students past and present lined the edge of the carpet to give school leavers a massive welcome. At the Lord Roberts Centre in Bisley, teachers watched on as Winston Churchill pupils arrived to the sound of a jazz band, fittingly comprised of two former students.

Dressed to the nines and looking like the cast of a Hollywood blockbuster on opening night, teens danced the night away.

Paulette Alexander, the woman behind Winston Churchill’s send-off celebrations, said: “The whole night was a great time for all of those involved.

“It felt like more than a million limousines had arrived and all the pupils looked absolutely amazing – it was too hard to choose a favourite outfit, they were all stylish. Some boys turned up in an army vehicle, hanging out the back of the truck, making their entrance a memorable one.

“The staff made such an effort to make the whole event work, and the DJ went down so well with all the kids.

“Some left the same way they arrived – in serious style. Others went home with their parents just before midnight. Overall, it was a rip roaring success and everyone left with a smile.”

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