Take it away!

THANKS to a Knaphill councillor, the number of hot food takeaways that keep popping up willy nilly across the borough will now be better controlled.

Knaphill Cllr Melanie Whitehand initiated the process following the concerns of local residents about the increase in hot food takeaways in her village’s High Street. She took the issue to a meeting of the Executive in March.

MAKING CHANGES – Councillor Melanie Whitehand

MAKING CHANGES – Councillor Melanie Whitehand

In the wake of a public consultation of the Special Planning Document proposal, it was recommended at Thursday’s Full Council Meeting that the SPD be added to the Statute Books to be adopted across the borough, with which such applications must comply.

This means that now, before a hot takeaway can be approved in the planning process, a number of considerations will have to be taken into account.

These include the number of hot food takeaways already in the area, the impact a takeaway will have on local amenities, parking and littering, and how opening hours will affect nearby residents.


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