Surprises in store during ‘intense’ gig

SO WHAT can you expect from the legendary Hundred Watt Club Burlesque Show in Guildford?

“It’s just like storytelling… for adults!” says songstress Sadie Sinner,who will MC the evening at the Electric Theatre.

GOOD GOOD – lady in red, aka Bon Bon, will dazzle

GOOD GOOD – lady in red, aka Bon Bon, will dazzle

“You live this intense couple hours of trust, where the audience allow you to take them on a journey of colourful, creative and unique escapism.

“And you get to embellish the story through interacting with the audience and it’s so lived, it’s performance art; you are simultaneously creating and performing the piece. It’s terrifyingly exciting!”

To illustrate exactly what she means, Sadie recalls her favourite moment on stage. “It’s possibly the time I tricked two lovely gentlemen into joining me on stage and quickly made them my reindeer – antlers and reins included – as I sat behind them singing Have Yourself a Merry Christmas, Mariah Carey-style.

“I should mention I had two beautiful ladies fanning fake snow over me and invited audience members to feed the ‘reindeer’ carrots.”

Sadie says her route into performing started pre-birth: “My mother went to see Michael Jackson while pregnant with me and I knew then, when I was born, I was going to sing!” she laughs.

“Then, when I turned three, Celine Dion released The Colour of My Love album… and bam! It was written, I mean, who could hear that and not want to sing?

“But me being here and doing this was by glorious accident. I auditioned to be a lounge singer, post university, bumped into a burlesque performer in the changing rooms, exchanged pleasantries and the rest is history! – shout out to Bambie Blu… this is all your fault.”

Sadie adds that the Hundred Watt Club’s visit to Guildford could have a scary feel as it’s so close to Halloween.

“How about a little seance to harness the spirit of funk!?” she asks. “There will be songs galore, a couple of games, lots of laughter and maybe, just maybe a couple of spooky surprises. But no need to call Derek Acorah… we can handle it!”

THE Hundred Watt Club Burlesque Show will be at Guildford’s Electric Theatre on Saturday, October 25. Hosted by Sadie Sinner, the night will also feature classic striptease by voluptuous showgirl Bettsie Bon Bon, psychic sideshow entertainment from Peter Antoniou, burlesque performer Shirley Windmill and a ‘chilling performance’ from Lena Mae.

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