Rider’s warning

A GOLDSWORTH Park resident is still reeling from what could have been a fatal crash, and fears that next time someone else may not be so lucky.

Diana Bell, who is 60 next month, had been riding mopeds for 43 years and never had an accident. However, on August 27, when she drove out of Denton Way and on to the Robin Hood Roundabout, she was startled to see a car hurtling straight at her from Amstel Way.

LUCKY ESCAPE – Diana Bell with dog Amber

LUCKY ESCAPE – Diana Bell with dog Amber

The next thing she remembers was coming to, surrounded by a crowd of people. She was rushed to St Peter’s Hospital suffering from a punctured lung, nine crushed ribs, heavy bruising and grazes to her knees and elbow, large cuts around her mouth for which she needed stitches, and concussion.

She had to stay on the Surgical High-Dependency Ward for four days until she was allowed to go home to continue her recovery.

Diana said:  “The worse problem has been the concussion. I still keep getting really dizzy so can’t be left on my own. It was such a shock and so frightening. I will never be able to ride a moped again. I keep having visions of this red car coming right at me.

“Luckily the driver, who had a child in the car, had slowed down. She didn’t see me but she could have been going a lot faster and I could have been killed. I didn’t want to prosecute her, though. She was very upset and distressed.

“I think she’ll be more careful in future. The reason I’ve never driven a car is because I’m afraid of hurting someone. That’s why I drove a moped. Until now, I hadn’t had an accident in 43 years – I was always very careful.

“However, I have had a number of near misses on that roundabout. I think it is so dangerous. I worry about all the children who walk to The Winston Churchill School from Goldsworth Park – their crossing is just by the roundabout and cars go so fast off there.”

At the time of the accident, Diana had been taking her regular trip from her home in Knightswood to Knaphill to feed her poorly horse, Tubby, who lives in Warbury Lane. She also has a dog called Amber.

Diana said: “The accident has really affected my whole life. Luckily the landowners have been feeding Tubby, but he’s 29-years-old and not well, and I can’t get to see him yet.

“My sister looked after the dog and the people at St Andrew’s Church have been brilliant – helping out and taking Amber for walks. I can’t thank them enough. I suppose I’m lucky to be alive, really.”

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