Perils of park life

SUNSHINE and the Easter break have brought families outside in their droves, and Woking Park children’s play area is more popular than ever.

However, concerned parents have contacted the News & Mail expressing their anxieties about the hazards it harbours.

While the leisure centre can boast a state-of-the-art revamp, the same cannot be said of the outdoor play area.

HAZARDOUS – the children’s play area in Woking Park is falling apart

HAZARDOUS – the children’s play area in Woking Park is falling apart

It is a central playground for the town, flanked by the leisure centre and pool, but parents say it is in a sad, appalling state and, worse, a danger to young users.

Damaged old plastic fencing covering a danger area near the slide has been there a long time, and metal supports jut out where children run around for another go. The bank has fallen away, there is a wasps’ nest in the area, and a rough, uneven surface of Tarmac sits where a roundabout was once enjoyed.

One mum said: “The risk of injury to a child from the rough edges, spiky fencing and uneven surfaces is my main concern, but it also looks terrible.

“Given its location, it should be the crowning glory of Woking’s children’s facilities, but it makes us look like a deprived inner city borough.”

Although the playground has been earmarked for redevelopment, families say they need it completed before the summer.

Dad David Crane said: “It is not safe to have this netting near a play area. Now that it’s coming into prime time for kids to be playing here, you’d think they’d sort it out.”

Anna Gilliam and Elizabeth Alarcon (right) live nearby and regularly bring their children to the park.

Anna said: “I live two minutes from here. The whole thing needs updating. As well as the problems behind the slide, the exits to the car park are dangerous as children can slip out without mums noticing.”

Elizabeth added: “It’s been in this state for a long time and it’s getting worse. It’s a shame because it is well used.”

Resident Cathryn Jagger, who has three children, said: “The development plans look great but we need it finished this summer so we have a place for the children to play, not another year of substandard, sometimes dangerous, facilities.”

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