New £400,000 Cycle Hub geared up to go

CYCLISTS are wheeling with excitement at the completion of a new £400,000 scheme that pedalled up Woking station’s facilities to give train users a greener, healthier and more enjoyable option when commuting.

Woking’s new Cycle Hub was officially opened last week on Thursday by Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport, Robert Goodwill MP; Leader of Woking Borough Council, John Kingsbury; and Customer Service Director for the South West Trains-Network Rail Alliance, Arthur Pretorius.

ON YOUR BIKE - Arthur Pretorius, Cllr John Kingsbury and Robert Goodwill MP

ON YOUR BIKE – Arthur Pretorius, Cllr John Kingsbury and Robert Goodwill MP

Mr Goodwill said: “I am delighted to be opening this new facility which will help people to make their journey from door to door healthier and greener. We want to encourage more facilities like this that offer safe and secure cycle parking, with everything the cyclist needs in one convenient place.

“I am confident that the £15 million cycle-rail funding we recently announced for 2015/16 will continue to allow train operators to develop such facilities.”

Overall across the whole South West Trains network, the new facility has brought up the number of cycle spaces available to more than 9,000. This means there is a lot more opportunity for people to quickly and efficiently park their bikes, which encourages more cyclists.

The hub can be found directly outside the entrance of the station, and includes 216 spaces available for bicycles, round the clock CCTV for additional security as well as a real-time information display screen.

Just in case you are having one of the Monday morning mishaps and your bike has a flat tyre by the time you reach the station, the facilities provide free use of cycle maintenance equipment, including a pump, a variety of tools and a stand.

Mr Pretorius commented on this, saying: “We want to make it as simple as possible for our passengers to get to our stations and travel on our trains. Providing better facilities is a vital part of that.”

The hub has been developed in partnership between the Department for Transport, Cycle Rail Working Group, Woking Borough Council, Surrey County Council, South West Trains Network Rail Alliance and ATOC.

Cllr John Kingsbury confirmed the council’s devotion to the project: “We remain committed to promoting cycling and building on success with the Cycle Woking Project. “This new Cycle Hub at Woking Station enables our residents to safely and securely park their bicycles when catching the train.

“We will continue to work with South West Trains Network Rail Alliance to make further improvements at the station, including additional cycle parking as part of Woking’s growth proposal supported by Enterprise M3.”

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