Mayor hails Byfleet’s best-ever Parish Day

PROUD Byfleet resident and mayor, Anne Roberts, hailed the 148th Parish Day as the most successful ever in the village’s history.

Children enjoyed a plethora of games and activities – including a hopping good sack race – took part in produce competitions, petted animals, and watched in awe the magnificent display by Galloping Acrobats who defied gravity with spins and twirls at break-neck speed under the glorious sun and blue skies above.

HAY DAY – Rosie Howard of Galloping Acrobatics on Tinker

HAY DAY – Rosie Howard of Galloping Acrobatics on Tinker and Casper

There were prizes for the best-kept dog in the Dog Show, and awards for the race-winners and the best floral arrangements. “The 148th Parish Day was the most successful and enjoyable ever in the history of Byfleet,” said Cllr Roberts. “It was a superb family event with a friendly atmosphere.”

The day held particular poignancy for Cllr Roberts, as she is the first mayor to have lived in Byfleet for quarter of a century.

Reflecting on Parish Days past, Cllr Roberts compared Saturday’s fun to a time when ladies wore long clothes and there was not one car in sight.

She explained: “Byfleet has changed a lot since then, but the community spirit has grown and is not going anywhere – I was also absolutely delighted at being the first mayor from Byfleet to attend for 25 years.”

Charities, volunteers, and Friends of Byfleet Parish Day Committee all chipped in to organise the event, helping to put up stalls in the name of community spirit. Cllr Roberts noted that the children had the best time of all. “I think the children enjoyed a day that they will never forget.

The mums and dads had smiles on their faces – there’s nothing better than watching your children having fun.” Members of the Byfleet Players were out and about over the weekend, busy promoting their upcoming re-telling of Sleeping Beauty.

A Chilean Blue Eagle from BH Falconry graced the skies, swooping-in to wow youngsters, while the overjoyed horticultural-show co-ordinator, Anne Adams, revealed that a record number of entries − 450 from more than 100 entrants − had been received.

She said: “I am absolutely delighted with the show of support, which has helped to make made this one of the best shows ever.”

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