Mark of the mohawk

A KIND and caring Send school caretaker publicly paraded his new pink shaved Mohican hairdo around the village’s annual Scout May Day Fayre.

Mark Silcock bravely decided take on the challenge to raise money for vital research into a tragic disease one of the pupils at Send First School has recently been diagnosed with.

Also leader of the village’s 1st Scout Group, Mark said: “As the local Scout Leader, I believe it is important to help other people and this is my small way of helping a member of my community.

HAIR TODAY – Mark Silcock with Leon Arnold at the Send Fayre

HAIR TODAY – Mark Silcock with Leon Arnold at the Send Fayre

“I decided to raise money for the Harrison’s Fund [a local charity founded by parents of children with Duchenne – see] and awareness of Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which one of our preschool children has.

“I said that if I am able to raise more than £100, I will wear a pink Mohican to the Scout Send May Fayre on Bank Holiday Monday and will wear it with pride.”

And Paul, of Paul Wheeler Hair Design on Send Road, agreed to do the deed as part of his celebrations of being in business in the village for 10 years.

Three-year-old Leon Arnold was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy in January. There is currently no cure for the cruel, progressively debilitating and ultimately fatal muscle-wasting disease, which about 100 boys a year are born with in the UK.

Mum Louise Crow Arnold who grew up in Send, where she lives with her husband James and two other boys, Josh, 15 and Sebastian, nine, explained: “Leon, who is four next month, is fine at the moment. He’s a normal, cheeky little chap. But he is in a ‘honeymoon’ period at the moment.

“Children with the disease carry on improving until about the age of seven, when they plateau. Leon will need to take steroids in the next year or so in the hope of slowing down the muscle degeneration.

“Sufferers can live until their early 20s – and we have known of people who have reached into their 30s – but it can also be earlier if, for instance, they have heart failure. After all, the heart is also a muscle.”

In April, the News & Mail featured an awareness and sponsorship event at Send Church. It was set up by Louise and her friend Mandy Hersey for Louise’s first Marathon. A massive £4,500 was raised to go to Duchenne research.

Louise hopes that in Leon’s lifetime there will be a treatment to at least halt the progression of the devastating and heartbreaking disease.

Visit to donate to Mark’s fund for vital research.


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