Brave Lorendana simply a cut above

IT WAS a close shave for a gutsy young Woking girl who put herself through a hair-raising feat on Saturday to earn cash for a cause that’s close to her heart.

IT student Lorendana Trovato who turned 18 last week, decided to have her hair shaved off to raise funds for Make-A-Wish.

HAIR TODAY - Lorendana in the hotseat

HAIR TODAY – Lorendana in the hotseat

She said: “Some people sell cakes but I wanted to do something different to get as much cash as I can for the charity.”

A mere snip at a fiver a go, family, friends, supporters and those passing through Anchor Crescent in Knaphill were invited to take part in the final cut before Lorrie, as she is known, was subjected to a close encounter with the clippers. Volunteer barber Massimo Fassone from Mopps in the High Street set to task on Lorrie’s locks, which she’d dyed the Make-A-Wish blue to mark the occasion.

The foundation grants magical dreams to children and young people who have life-threatening conditions.

Lorrie’s brother Michael had been battling cancer 14 years ago when he was granted his wish to go to Disneyland Paris for his seventh birthday, but sadly he passed away just before.

Mum Silvana said: “Lorrie’s the baby of the family – we have two other girls. Michael would have been 21 this year. Lorrie is very, very brave and I am so proud of her. I almost broke down in tears right in front
of her today. She is keeping his memory alive. She’s wanted to do this for some time but I wouldn’t let her, now she’s 18, I can’t.”

Councillor Saj Hussain’s family have been through a similar ordeal. He said: “I’ve known the Trovatos for a long time – Michael was their only son. I lost my daughter Rozie at around the same time. She would also have been 21. It is such a positive thing Lorrie is doing.”

Ex-Gherka Chitra Rana was touched. He said: “I was nearly in tears that someone of her age has such as kind heart. I hope she will be an inspiration to other young people in the area.”

Close friend Casey Quinn added: “Lorrie hasn’t stopped smiling.

“She has come far – I wouldn’t be able do it. The look suits her. She’s always been a bit wild with her hair, but this is by far the most extreme.”

Former SJB pupil Lorrie, from Goldsworth Road, said: “I was really nervous but very proud. I’m happy to think of the children who need wishes granted. Every little helps. I’m considering a sky dive next…”

To donate to Lorrie’s Make-a-Wish fund visit Stef’s Bakery at Anchor Crescent or

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