Locals get in the Mix

THE Brompton Mix are about to get a helping hand from the gangster underworld…well, kind of.

The Woking four-piece have been recording a new EP called Tales of Love and Miscommunication and have had a bit of vocal help from hard man actor Frank Harper.

The man who played Billy Bright in The Football Factory and Dog in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels has recorded an intro for the CD version of the release, which will include six tracks.

READY TO ROCK - the Brompton Mix will be appearing at the Undercover Festival

READY TO ROCK – the Brompton Mix will be appearing at the Undercover Festival

“He says things like ‘Who are The Brompton Mix? Who the **** are The Brompton Mix?’ in a proper geezer accent,” reveals guitarist Azza Sergent. “It sounds brilliant, we’re really pleased with it.”

The band met Frank – who has also appeared in TV’s Ripper Street and Waking The Dead – through their manager, Rick Buckler, former drummer with Woking music legends The Jam.

“Rick knows everyone!” says Azza. “So when this idea of Frank recording with us came up we thought it was great.”

The EP will be released in a few weeks but The Brompton Mix will be busy in the meantime with a string of gigs in London as well as a couple of festival appearances closer to home.

The first will be at the Undercover Festival at Bisley Pavilion this weekend (September 19 to 21) alongside punk legends like Spear of Destiny, 999, Penetration, and Spizzenergi as well as up and coming bands like The Dualers and Gentlemen’s Dub Club.

Azza says they can’t wait. “We played Undercover last year and it was similar – punk oriented but with new young bands as well. We played with the UK Subs and I loved meeting them and hearing all the old stories.

“We’re not punk at all, more rock ’n’ roll but our sound has always been guitar-driven with good melodies. It took us a while to find our sound and it’s more blues-rock these days influenced by people like Led Zeppelin and Queens of the Stone Age.”

The Brompton Mix have been going for about three years, but their roots go back a bit further to Woking High School where Azza first played in a band with BM singer Ben Peppitt.

“After school, we parted ways and Ben went to Woking College and met Simon (Gulliver, bass) and the original drummer Baxter,” he explains. “Much later on Ben rang me up and said ‘I need you to play guitar for me’. I hadn’t played guitar in years but thought I’d give it a go, so we started The Brompton Mix.”

Baxter has since been replaced by Chris Prendergast who the band recruited “after we supported a band he was in and thought he was really good”.

The band have played with the likes of Stiff Little Fingers, The Members and Steve Cradock as well as playing their own shows and their songs – “about life in general, trying to get out of jobs and do something you really like, relationships, women, just things that have happened in our lives…” – have helped win them a loyal following.

They’ve also been helped by the experience of manager Buckler, who took them on after singer Ben badgered him while handing out flyers at GuilFest a couple of years back.

“The only drawback is that often people think we’re a mod band because of the connection with The Jam,” says Azza.

“But Rick has been brilliant and really knows his way around, so we’ve benefitted a lot.”

The future looks bright and it won’t be long before Harper’s question – “Who are The Brompton Mix?” – will be irrelevant.

THE Brompton Mix play at the Undercover Festival at Bisley Pavilion on Sunday (September 21) but the festival runs from tomorrow (Friday). The band will also play at JakeFest at the Westfield Club in Woking on October 11.

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