Diwali delight in town centre

SOUTH Asian culture lit-up Woking town centre on Friday as the Diwali Festival of Lights burned brightly under the night sky.

Children from across the borough created their own lanterns during classroom workshops in the build-up to the festival.

YELL IF YOU’RE EXCITED – dancers had the right steps

YELL IF YOU’RE EXCITED – dancers had the right steps

And they watched on intently as traditional sounds and colours of distant lands filled the air last week.

Diwali is the most popular of all the festivals from South Asia. Celebrated by Jains and Sikhs as well as Hindus, the Festival of Lights marks the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance.

“An excellent show was put on by everyone involved,” said Woking Mayor Anne Roberts who jumped at the chance to acquire a taste of the sub-continent. “It was especially enjoyed by the schoolchildren of Woking who
turned up with their lanterns.

“Diwali is such a colourful celebration and it was a great chance to meet more people who represent our diverse community within the borough.”

Following a parade, guests were invited to a Diwali-inspired after party in the HG Wells Centre.

The colourful evening took visitors on a journey through music and dance from different reaches of India, all performed by local community groups.

Mayor Roberts (left) added: “The folk group in Punjabi costume was a particular highlight, as well as all the lovely Indian food offered at the HG Wells Centre.”




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