Charity duo team up with The Jam legends

VICTOR FALSETTA and Jon Abnett, the driving forces behind the Wake Up Woking charitable music campaign which has raised £89,000 for the town’s hospice, have embarked on yet another musical project.

They’re about to have a single recorded, which it’s hoped will help them to push closer to the £100,000 milestone. With the backing of Woking’s very own Modfather, Paul Weller, they are grafting with newly formed local band The Special Guests, and former The Jam guitarist Steve Brookes to produce the single, which will be a double-A-side release.

WE'RE JAMMING - Steve Brookes (left) plays with 'The Modfather' Paul Weller

WE’RE JAMMING – Steve Brookes (left) plays with ‘The Modfather’ Paul Weller

Jon Abnett said: “We had the idea after the Solid Bond charity event we ran in the summer was such a success. Vic and I are always busy dreaming up fresh ideas for raising money for Woking Hospice.”

Vic added: “We hope the single will raise up to £4,000, as we’re trying to get the money we’ve generated for the hospice since first fundraising for it in 2010, to £100,000 – a nice round sum.”

Fortunately this does not mean they will then rest on their laurels. The two approached Steve with their idea, and he suggested they use his song Feels So Good for the single, which he wrote at the age of 15 or 16.

Although it went unused for years, a version of the song has recently surfaced on Steve’s latest album, Vintage Troubadour.

Vic said: “Steve wrote it when he was at school with Paul (far right), so it should appeal to anyone who enjoys the blues, and to fans of The Jam.”

The fundraising duo asked Paul if they could re-record another old, mostly unknown song, Left Right and Centre, which Paul wrote at around the same time Steve penned his.

And now the double A-side is set to be recorded at the James Stone Studios in Kent on December 2 by The Special Guests, who formed less than a year ago.

The six-piece band are fronted by former Squire band member Enzo Esposito.

THE SPECIAL GUESTS - with Vic Falsetta organiser Vic (third from left) and band frontman Enzo Esposito (second from left)

THE SPECIAL GUESTS – with organiser Vic Falsetta (third from left) and band frontman Enzo Esposito (second from left)

THE single will be available on vinyl only and will remain exclusive as only 300 copies are to be pressed. It could make someone a highly appreciated gift at Christmas (for about £15), so you might want to pre-order one by emailing A small number of special-edition discs will also be pressed, in clear vinyl, and are expected to cost £20-£25 apiece.

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