Arabian Knights head to Horsell for training

OFFICERS from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia were out on the beat in Woking as part of a police training programme.

Police attending the UK for training found out first-hand what it is like to maintain the law abroad.

Chairman of the Woking Association of Neighbourhood Watches Tony Kremer welcomed UAE’s Abdulrahman Al Tamemi and Saudi Mazen Al-Nofie to Horsell.

He said: “Derek Slee, who is the PSCO for Horsell was showing them around but because of our relationship and the work he does with the Woking Association of Neighbourhood Watches, he introduced me to them and we sat and spoke about neighbourhood policing for around 40 minutes.

“These guys come from an urban background so it was a little different for them to see how things are done in a rural area – I spent four months in the UAE so I knew exactly what Abdulrahman was coming from.

“I explained the history of policing in the area and explained that things have gone full circle now with bobbies back on the beat like they were in the past.

“They asked about the types of complaints we get in the area and from the amount of stars on their uniform I could tell that they were of quite a high rank.”

Tony also confirmed that there are no plans for Woking Association of Neighbourhood Watches to fulfil a similar project in the Middle East any time soon. “Sadly, they didn’t invite us over!” said Tony.

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