Anger over boundary changes

RESIDENTS in West Byfleet have rallied round and gathered a petition opposing the Boundary Commission’s proposed changes for Woking that will split their ward.

In just 10 days, 243 locals signed on the dotted line – 100 per cent of those asked – objecting to the commission’s proposals to include Woodlands Avenue and Hollies Avenue in what will be the new Sheerwater ward.

PETITION – Graham Phillips at the Boundary Commission HQ

PETITION – Graham Phillips at the Boundary Commission HQ

Graham Phillips, who lives in Woodlands Avenue, told the News & Mail: “On Wednesday last week I took the petition concerning the proposals for Local Government Boundary Changes to the headquarters of the Local Government Boundaries Commission in London.

“A statement accompanying the petition said: ‘We the undersigned strongly object to the proposal to include our road in the Sheerwater ward.

West Byfleet is a clearly identifiable community, both geographically and socially, and should remain as a ward in its own right, thereby reflecting the view of the majority of residents’.

“This road is in West Byfleet not Sheerwater and we are part of the community of West Byfleet. It flies in the face of democracy for these views to be ignored, but if the village has to be split up then we request to be in the proposed Byfleet & West Byfleet ward, not Sheerwater.”

Woking Borough Council’s proposals to the commission earlier this year to change the ward boundaries to make them fewer and better represented. It included a Byfleet & West Byfleet ward, with the balance of West Byfleet, taking in the avenues in question, included in the proposed Pyrford ward.

Graham added: “I emailed local Councillor Richard Wilson and Woking MP Jonathan Lord. Cllr Wilson supports the residents, while Jonathan Lord congratulated us on the petition. He wrote: ‘I am aware of the strength of feeling in the village. I do hope the Boundary Commission will take into account the views of residents’.”

Graham and other residents are eagerly hoping to receive a positive response from the Boundary Commission.


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