All not Well in Horsell after residents suffer downpour

AS IF poor residents haven’t already suffered more than their fair share of the wet stuff over the past few months, just when the sun finally started to shine, unfortunate Horsell villagers were forced to bear the brunt of yet another deluge.

But this time, rather than the forces of nature governing from above, last week’s torrent in Well Lane was manmade and spewed from the ground a good 100ft up into the air.

WATER MESS - workmen were left bemused

WATER MESS – workmen were left bemused

Paul Kirrage was on his way to the Senate Electrical shop on Thursday afternoon, and found he couldn’t park as usual at the premises on Well Lane, as the road was closed off for major resurfacing work.

Paul told the News & Mail: “I parked around the corner in Arthurs Bridge Road and, just as I was going into the front entrance of the wholesaler’s on Well Lane, I heard this huge ‘whoosh’ noise.

“I looked to my right and saw a massive jet of water streak into the air and the workmen suddenly jump back. I took the photo seconds later on my phone.”

The water continued gushing skyward for some time after that. It seems that the Surrey County Council contractors had inadvertently smashed into the water main.

Paul added: “I was in the shop for about 20 minutes and when I came out the water was still shooting into the air.

“One of the contractors stan-ding there observing the scene looked up at me and simply said: ‘Oops!’.

“A considerable volume of water was cascading down on to the houses to the right in the photo.

“The burst was in the middle of the road, just past the green space on the left as you go down Well Lane from Lockfield Drive.

“I would assume the water had to be turned off for a considerable time to fix the breach, which must have affected many residents, not to mention local businesses.

“The fountain must have been at least a 100ft high. It was like a geyser.”

Another onlooker said: “They closed the road off at both ends for works. There had been three cones over a hole not far from the Senate shop but the workmen must have moved them. Surely they were there for a reason.

“If they are going to take up a road from one end to another, surely they have to look at plans for the job – there must be some way of knowing what’s there. It doesn’t seem to be very well thought out.

“Just think if it had been a gas or electrical main. We were all completely aghast. I feel sorry for the residents; the house opposite was getting all the water.

“It must have been some 25 minutes before Affinity Water appeared on the scene, and it was about an hour before the water was turned off.”

The council website indicates that the Project Horizon road-works on Well Lane were due for completion today (April 17).

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