A big opportunity for unskilled staff

SURREY businesses have been invited to take up an exciting new programme called Skills Support for the Workforce.

This is a scheme funded by the European Social Fund that offers businesses in Surrey fully funded training (leading to qualifications) to help their lesser-skilled employees to improve their career opportunities (and their existing skills) and knowledge, through work-based learning.

SUPPORTIVE - Coast to Capital's Ron Crank

SUPPORTIVE – Coast to Capital’s Ron Crank

The two Local Enterprise Partnerships that cover Surrey – Coast to Capital and Enterprise M3 – are working with companies in the county to help develop and up-skill their workforces through the programme.

It is offering paid-for training to firms that have fewer than 250 employees, and that includes sole traders and the self-employed. In order to be eligible, businesses must employ less than 250 employees and they must have their base in Surrey.

The employees themselves should be at least 19 years of age and should have no formal qualifications. Alternatively, though, they can have achieved GCSEs at grades D to G, as long as they currently work a minimum average of eight hours per week.

Executive Director of Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership, Kathy Slack, said: “Skills Support for the Workforce is a funding stream that’s made available for businesses in the Enterprise M3 area.

“It provides qualifying businesses an excellent opportunity to both develop the skills of their staff and improve their own bottom line.

“Ongoing skills development within the Enterprise M3 workforce is absolutely vital if we want our area to remain prosperous and competitive in this very rapidly changing economic marketplace.”

Chief Executive of Coast to Capital, Ron Crank, said: “The Skills Support for the Workforce programme can help hundreds of young people in the Coast to Capital region to improve their employability and develop the many workplace skills that are considered crucial these days.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be able to offer this fully funded programme to a number of small businesses that will benefit greatly from it. Skills development is a key factor for economic growth in the Coast to Capital region.”

IF YOU’D like to know more about the Skills Support for the Workforce programme, and to check the eligibility of your employees, contact either Marian Sexton on 01243 78632, extension 2625 (marian.sexton@chichester.ac.uk), or Michael Gilchrist on 01243 786321, extension 2125 (michael.gilchrist@chichester.ac.uk) at Chichester College.

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